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Body slimming

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Japan Brand Posture Corrective Back Supporter Brace

Price: RM30 + RM 5 (postage)

Item code : BS 102


  • This back supporter helps building correct chest posture and no more humpbacked.
  • Posture aid support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the spine
  • It’s very simple to use and it includes adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort and bra not included!
  • Very thin so that it is virtually invisible under clothing
  • Material is nylon and polyurethane.
  • Made In China, Export to Japan.
  • Available in "Mocha" color, as pictured.
  • Size M and L available.
    -M: 70-75 cm (Under Bust)
    -L: 75-80 cm (Under Bust)

Infrared 4 Layer Slimming Belt

(picture taken from Ebay) SALE

Price: RM 35 - FREE postage

Item code : BS 103


4 Steps Shape is very good in firming and the ultra red will help to burn fat. For the better effect, please wear at least 30 minutes and above. Features of the product:

  • Adjustable size up to 4 zips so that you can adjust when getting slimmer
  • Recommended to wear more than 30 minutes
  • Feel like SAUNA, tightening and shaping
  • has 4 layer- nylon, cotton and far infrared layer

Untuk kesan yg lebih efektif anda boleh memakai infrared 4 layer slimming belt pada bila-bila masa. Ini membuatkan badan anda memecahkan lemak tanpa anda sedari.

saiz pinggang- 56-98cm

Arpairmpit Pad (2 pieces or 1 )

Price: RM8 + RM5 (postage)

Item code: BS 104

Descriptions :
  • No more embarrassing sweat stain on dark color shirts
  • Stick on shirts' underarms area, helps in absorbing sweats effectively and keeps u fresh all day
  • Throw after each usage for hygienic purpose

JAPAN Germa Shape Up Camisole

Price: RM50 + RM 5 (postage)

Item code: BS 105

Package includes:

JAPAN GERMA SHAPE UP CAMISOLEWomen Body Wrap Underwire Shaping CamisoleBrand New 3 in 1Push Up

  • Tighten Stomach Body Slimming MassageNow you can enjoy slimming down anytime everywhere~All day firm body bust up control.
  • Seamless design.
  • Flattens and slenderizes.
  • Supports and enhances
  • Size: M (waistline 64-77cm) and L(waistline 69-85cm)
  • Colour: Black and Beige
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