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beauty tools for nose and mouth

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JOJO nose blackhead remover

Price: RM10 + RM 3 (postage)

Item code: M 102

Package includes:

Material: Selects the newest antibacterial material manufacture (woman I most greatly intense recommendation, Taiwan open-shelf type sales volume first)

Application method: The water used moistens the skin, will wash the face the breast evenly to spread the face thin, uses the clean skin to brush again brushes gently moves, then cleans with the clear water then.

The relaxed elimination pore dirt dust, dirt and so on fat fill the pore, causes the pore to increase, with strawberry nose black said that bye-bye ~When washes the face, the clean skin brushes can help you to eliminate the skin residual dirt thoroughly, maintains the flesh is clean.

Relaxed massage promotion circulation: Can carry on the effective massage during elimination dirt to the face skin, makes the flesh after clean exquisite neat.

Uses simply convenient: The simple operation lets you not need too many specialized skills, oneself begin to be possible to be a simple beautiful woman.With ease has the multiple functions: The soft close design, lets the clean skin surface brush with the powder puff obtains the perfect union, the fashion cosmetology combination, with ease has.

Hair Remover

Price: RM 10 each (incuding postage)

Item code: M101

Package includes:

  • Achieve professional result within seconds with the powerful and safe Manual Facial Hair Remover
  • No more pulling and plucking!
  • Erase your unwanted hair with this cheap Manual Facial Hair Remover.
  • Achieve perfect result within seconds with the powerful Manual Facial Hair Remover.

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