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beauty tools for leg

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PEDEGG Professional Pedicure Foot File



Price: RM10.00 + RM5 (postage)

item code: L 301

Package includes:

The Ped Egg has been precision engineered with 135 stainless steal micro files to gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everyone loves.
The unique egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use.Best of all, Ped Egg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess.

* Comes complete with two buffing pads
* Over 135 Presision Micro Files
* Safe To The Touch
* Ergonomic Design
* Traps Shavings-No Mess
* Includes 2 Emery Finishing Pads
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Slimming Pants or Leggings Shapping

Price: RM 60 + RM5 (postage)

Item code : L 302

Package Includes:

This pants have the good air permeability, so it can still be worn even when you sleep at night, is the real product for 24 hours slimming. It has utilized the shrinking effect to the three kinds of parts: the strong, the neutral and the weak, which means the parts of strong pressure, neutral pressure and weak pressure.By giving the appropriate pressure to the thigh, calf, with contractility, it can make you soft and comfortable.

A simple but effective way to slimming down as you can Wear during the day, night & sleeping, also wearing for exercise can speed up calorie consumption! Slip into the light weight and comfortable slimming 3D pants....Lifts butt and flattens tummy, makes hips and thighs slimmer...flattens your stomach eliminates your waist....Best of all it’s effectiveness wearing during sleep. So you can step out with confidence soonest!

The fiber dust with 100% of germanium, titanium and silver have been added into the fibers of the clothes, which can make the fat burn slowly and perspire by the temperature of the body. Titanium can strengthen the function of germanium, and the silver can dispel the odour of sweat, purify the blood and help expel the toxin.

Colour: Black Only

Material: Nylon 91%, spandex9%, germanium, titanium and silver.

Size: L is suitable for most ppl as the cutting is small.

Washing: Please use the neutral detergent, wash it with the inside out by your hands, at the water temperature of below 40 degrees. Don’t use any bleaching agent. Dry it in the cool and shady place. Keep the low temperature when using the iron.

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Gel Pad for Heels - One Size fits all!!

Price: RM12.00 each + RM 5 (postage)

** beli 3 FREE shipping.

Item code : L 303

Package includes:

* A pair of Gel pad for heels
* This heel pad provides superior Cushion Energy, distributing the pressure of impact more evenly
* Soft soles are breathable, providing an abrasion resistant, cool and dry surface* Helps avoid your foot step from getting hard
* Solution to heels pain
* Although these new heels pads are maketed towards ladies but they will fit any size of shoe including mens

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