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beauty tools for eye

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Mascara Guide

Price: RM7
item code: E 801
Package includes:
* Trace this thingy at your eyes while applying mascara so that it wont smudge your eyelids & eyes puff area.
* The bottom comb part can be used to comb ur lashes
Multi-functions Eye Shade

Price: RM10
item code: E 802
Package includes:
Material very soft content has included Squalan, to moisture and protect the eyes. Suitable for travelling and night use.
Colour: Pink, Blue, Orange and Light Green

Eyebrow Guide

Price: RM7.00
Item code: E 803
Do you know that long eyebrow will make us look dull? Trim em' regularly using this user friendly guide. Let's have a fresh look!Help those beginner to get their eyebrows draw nicely.They test it before, it fix almost everyone!

Instant Heated Eyelash Curler ~ JAPAN Design

Price: RM 16
Item code: E 804
Package Include:
* More effective than traditional eyelash curlers, works like a curling tong does on your hair, using the heat to fix the curl.
* The temperature is automatically controlled, Safe & Quick beauty enhancement.
* Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
* 5 x 1.5 inch handy shape, extremely lightweight & easy to use.
1. Slide off the battery cover and insert
2 AAA batteries.2. Push On/Off button up to turn on.
3. The green light will illuminate.
4. The red silicon pad changes around 10 - 15 seconds when the curler is ready to use.
5. Place your eyelashes on the silicon pad. Push slide level upward until silicon pad stops.
6. Hold on eyelashes for 10 - 15 seconds.
7. Release and repeat on the other eyelash until desired look is achieved.
8. When finished, slide On/Off button downward.
9. The green light will go off.Recommendation:For the best, long last results, we recommened a coat of mascara after curling
To Clean:
1. Do not wash it in water.
2. Wipe it clean with a piece of damp cloth.

Taiwan Ladies First Magazine Recommended Eye Liner Guide

Price: RM7
item code: E 805
This is the best tool that help you to get a neat line. Direction of Use of Products: Trace this item at your eyes while applying upper and lower eyeliner so that you can get a neat line.

Big Eyes Sticker

Price: RM8
** buy 5, get 1 FREE.
Item code: E 806
Package includes:
recommeded by Japan reshaping surgery doctor- 36 pcs in a packBig eye is not because of big eyeballs, but is because of eyelid aperture part.
You can use this if
** eye is too tall and slender
** double eyelids is not obvious
** eye's position is not balanced
** corner of the eyes are sagging
** skin is lax around eyes area
* Easy, just like the attached picture based on your needs
* inside the package, also got this picture
* the sticker is of natural skin color
1. before sleeping, stick on, peel of the next morning
2. pls stick on clean skin
3. relax ur skin when stick it, must paste on smoothly.
5. Rinse with water for easier peel-off
P/S: Do not use everyday, rest 3 days before using again
Do not stick more than 10 hours
Throw after using
Do not used on wounded skin
Though this sticker is made of safe adhesive material.
But pls stop using if u found not suit.

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