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beauty tools for breast

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Push Up Bra Shaper Breast Support Posture Black

Price: RM40

Item code : B 601


Just to show you the secret of top models and film stars to have perfect bust line and breast shape, with our Push Up Re-Construction Bra.This is with 3D cutting to enhance the upper part, to show bigger and firmer bust line. The Push Up and concentrating design could even show your sexy cleavage, and push up up up.

Size: S, M, L

Sleeping Bust Beauty

Price: RM45.00
Item code: B 602


- Comfortable, wear it while sleeping
- size:

L (bust 70~75cm), length 80~84cm / width 14cm
M (bust 65~70cm), length 75~79cm / width 13cm

Perbandingan dgn ebay: US $ 9.99 + US $ 6.00 (shipping)


Bust Roller Recommeded by Jolin Tsai

Price: RM 18 + RM 5 (postage)

Item code : B 603


Let's care for your bust in the everyday with bust roller that recommended by Jolin Tsai. This tool is very effective to use to massage and breast firming.This tool is made up by 24 pieces of soft rubber which will activate your acupuncture point to make your breast become more firm. This tool is very effective to apply together with breast firming gel or cream.
perbandingan di Ebay: US $ 8.99. almost RM 30.

Magic Bra Pad

Price: RM 30 + RM 5 (postage)

item code: B 604

Package includes:

* Free size, cotton material
* Safe & Effective Way To Enlarge Your Bust"

No operations, injections or drugs needed to upgrade your cup! Great helper to makebreasts appear firm & full for the best look! Must have necessity in every woman'swardrobe for an evening dress or a sexy look.
Magic Bra Pad! Increase your cup size as big as you desire.

No more airport runways! Youcan even use it when swimming!

There's a pumping device within the bra pad, just squeezeit to the size you desire and place it at different positions along the bra to achievedifferent results.

Deflate it after use. Use the little button at the side of the pump todeflate.

"- Cup C......D......E.... ... hmmm u decide

Pump air using your fingers!Easy to upgrade your cup!Size is adjustable!Washable n reusable: use warm water and some detergent to wash.

Then lay flat on desk tolet it dry naturally. (Just wash by hands. do not wash by washing machine. Do not brushusing brusher too)- very clear & easy instructions is attached in the package.

Perbandingan harga di ebay: US $ 459.99.

Breast Safety Tape

Price: RM10 (including postage)

item code: B 605

Package includes:

* 10 pcs in 1 packe
* not reusable
* No more showing of breast by mistake!
* Even when you bend down with a wide open-necked shirt, it will guard you from people's eyes

Bra Strap Safety Tape

Price: RM10 (including postage)

Item code: B 606

Package includes:

* 10 pcs in 1 packet
* not reusable
* Embarrassing moment no more!
* No more slipping of bra straps out of singlet/ wide open-necked shirt

Cleavage Control Bra Strap Clip

Price: RM15 + RM 5 (postage)

Item code: B 607

Package includes:

* 3 pieces of bra strap clip in white, black and transparent colour

Perbandingan harga di Ebay, RM19.90+RM 6.00(postage)

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